Arabic Intensive


             Orientation went fine with overwhelming response, Masha Allah, there were more than 75+ interested students including men, women and youth.

  • Course needs much higher commitment from the students side
  • Classes will be on every Tuesday, 8 to 9:30 PM
  • Mufti will have time available outside the class for clarificationquestionshelp etc
  • Sessions will be recorded and will be made available on request with valid reasons
  • Live streaming of the session will be available for all the classes
  • Fees: Automatic monthly recurring payments are encouraged and recomneded
  • In the beginning the weekly materials will be made available for the students
  • You need at-least 2 college perforated composition notebooks
  • Books, materials, dictionary etc., could be purchased couple weeks in to the class
  • Registration closes by Saturday 23rd Jan 2016


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Registration is currently closed.

Jazakallah khair


Syllabus / Format