Funeral Services Guidelines by ICOR Rev2 (09/02/2020)

We have special arrangements setup with House of Mercy to do Funeral home services which includes transport, pickup of body, all required paperwork to obtain death certificate plus burial permit, and/or transportation to area Islamic Centers for Janaza prayers. 


This is the form that needs to be downloaded filled out before calling us. It is required by state of WA for funeral homes to process. A copy of it is included in the following pages.


  1. Please inform your Hospital or Hospice doctors/nurses/social worker that the deceased is Muslim and needs to be buried within 24 hours or earlier and they need to expedite their side of paperwork.
  2. Aslo have their designated representative ready to assist funeral home in obtaining death certificate through Vital Statistics of WA.
  3. Also please ask staff to remove all attached equipment from the body and seal any openings if possible since body wash staff is not equipped or trained to handle such complications.
  4. Save the blank Personal Information Form on your PC
  5. Fill out form on your PC
  6. Make sure all information are correct
  7. Print completed form then Fax it to: (253) 638-9989 or email PDFfile to:
  8. Call Michael Wallen: 206-818-3964 and make sure he received the completed form
  9. Call in the order to request body wash services/Janaza for both male and females through MCRCat Maps located at 17550 NE 67th Ct, Redmond, WA 98052
  10. Br. Shafiq @ 253-307-9933, Br. Ghani @ 425-205-7014, Br. Khizer @ 425-213-7810 if unable to reach any of us then call Abdul Salam (Maps Manager)@ 425-861-9555 Our dedicated team volunteers (male/female) can arrange for body wash plus Janaza prayers at MAPS or family can request transport to a particular Islamic Center for final prayer.


Other Important Contacts:

 House of Mercy Muslim Cementry 

  • 15004 SE 256th Street, Covington, WA 98042
  • Tel: (253) 638- 9989 (Main Line: Message and Fax Only), Michael Wallen: 206-818-3964, Mohammed Sheikh 253-307-9933

Transport only costs $1000 plus extra fees for special instructions such as taking body home instead of the morgue. Today Standard package costs around $5800 please refer to above website for complete details.

 Woodlawn Cemetery 

Standard Package costs around $5300-$5500 if you already own a grave in their Muslim section then open close is approx $2500

    • King Country Medical Examiner office 206-731-3232
    • Pierce County Medical Examiner (253) 798-6494
    • Snohomish Medical Examiner (425) 438-6200
    • Vital Statistics for certified Death certificate after 3-5 business days of burial (360) 236-4300to obtain a certified copy of death certificate needed by family.
    • Will: Make sure that you have a written will. For questions please check with mufti Sohailand also get in touch with Chris Benson Call For A Free Consultation, ICOR has negotiated special rates for all. Or use one of MAPS free will lawyers as long you have a lawful written will/trust it will save your heirs lot of pain and time to deal with worldly matters once you pass.