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    Masjid administration reserves the right to deny the application of anyone.

    Please see below the guidelines

    1. A copy of valid Drivers License or any state ID must be shown to ICOR Imam or any BOT or EC member or to Ramadan Volunteers.
    2. Any person under the age of 14 years must sit with any guardian/parent. ICOR will not take any responsibility.
    3. Respect/Adab of the Masjid should be maintained at all the times i.e. No music ringtones/alarms at any given time, no noise to disturb other musalis, keep your area of rest clean etc.
    4. No damage should be done to the ICOR facility.
    5. No suitcase bigger than smallest carryon should be placed inside the masjid area.
    6. If for any reason masjid carpet or any other thing needs cleaning you will engage Facility manager and/or any board member ASAP.

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    JazakAllah Khair

    You can also register by filling out the Itikaf registration form and make the request with the Manager of ICOR either in person or email the filled in form to and